First what experienced drivers have to say about the driver training they received with us:

Lady Elizabeth Kirk attended a driver refresher course arranged for her by North Yorkshire County Council and says "I am 90. I needed to know whether it was safe for me to continue driving. The service provided by Anthony at Leap 2 Drive was excellent. Despite his formidable qualifications and my mistakes, due to bad habits accumulated in 70 years of driving, the experience remained positive throughout. Positive advice to practice techniques and continual encouragement. He instilled confidence allowing me to continue to drive despite my age." 

John a taxi driver from Hull says "As a driver of over 30 years experience I thought I was a good driver, but then I failed two taxi tests. I'd even had 3 hours with an ADI before those tests. After I failed the second time I decided to contact a specialist taxi driver trainer so contacted Leap 2 Drive and had 2 hours with Kevin. The taxi driver training made such an impact on me. I passed the next test because Kevin understood what is required in the taxi drivers test and taught me exactly what to do. I wish I'd gone to Leap 2 Drive in the first place it would have saved me a lot of stress and over £200. My advice is book taxi training with Kevin before your taxi test, it's as simple as that".  

Now read what some of those who learned to drive with us have to say:


Paul "Kevin was great. The examiner never needed a pen, I passed
without any faults at all". 
Eleanor's parents, Martin is a Judge & Roz an artist said 
"Anthony has an Encyclopaedic knowledge of all road and safety
matters. Instruction far beyond expectations, the best possible
driver trainer".
Anselm Aston is an author
"Rigorous, exacting, thorough. Great patience. Never raises his voice.
Enormous wealth of experience & expertise. Anthony's simply superb!"
Mrs Harboard mother of Sophie, a student of Oxford University.
 "Parents listen, superb instruction, attention to detail, rapport, patience,
outstanding knowledge. I travelled miles to every lesson because I wanted
Sophie to have the very best. Anthony is definitely the very best" 
Eve Nelson student of Oxford University  
"Meticulous approach to driving tuition. Amazing patience. Outstanding
knowledge of all matters relating to driving. Anthony's experience as an
 advanced driver and driver trainer is second to none."

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